USP Grade  Pure Nicotine, Nicotine salt, Over 800 kinds of high concentrated flavors


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Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co., Ltd, was founded in 2008, located in Xi ‘an China.

A Raw Material supplier for e-liquid in China.

Our top sellers include: pure nicotine, nicotine salt:USP Grade Pure Nicotine , Nicotine salt, Over 800 kinds of high concentrate Flavors, Cooling agent, Food additives for many years.

First of allOur products have been acknowledged worldwide by years, and with good comments, and Competitive price &quality, Therefore, we have many returned customers. we also have trail order for your market testing, almost all the customers will buy our products, after tasting or market testing.

More importantly, Our Nicotine through Poland, Finland, Germany three agencies detection,

Nicotine concentration has reached 99.95%,as to USP Grade.

Most importantly, We have more than 800 kinds of different flavors:

like: Tobacco series Flavour: such as Camel Tobacco Flavor

AlFakhe Series flavors.

Fruit series Flavors,
Mint series flavours,

Herb series Flavours,

And Flower series Flavors.

One thing more, According to market demand, Our company also provides Cooling Agent (Ws-3, Ws-5, Ws-23)

And food additives (Sucralose, Acetyl pyrazine, Ethyl maltol ).

Therefore, our Camel Tobacco Flavor, other Flavours, Nicotine, and other products acknowledged worldwide by years,

with good comments and the most competitive prices & quality.

So, most of the Camel Tobacco Flavor, other Flavours, Nicotine, and other hot-selling are exported to Europe,  USA, UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Asia, Middle East markets etc.,

besides that, Prompt delivery, as well as the best service, so you can be assured about us.

Consequently, we have many returned customers all over the world,

As a result of thas, returning customers are growing.

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